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Lead Farmers will assist your business by tilling the soil of your cold case customer base; rejuvenate and prequalify fresh opportunities for your sales pipeline, whilst supporting your brand to the client, and encouraging their advocacy of your business. In addition to this, we represent ourselves as being part of your administration team, never exposing you as having outsourced this service.


Use of language and tonality play an essential part in successful telephone communications. Without face-to-face engagement, these two skills are critical to the triumph of the call. After years of hands-on experience with telephone communications we have refined these interactive skills to an art form. We provide the fresh energy your clients will respond to.


At Lead Farmers we work through a staged process designed to suit your organisation’s specific needs, and systematically tailor a solution that results in accurate and effective data collection whilst maximising every potential customer engagement. Our team of dedicated professionals are also focused and committed to generating proven and measurable results.


As a result of over 25 years of specialised experience in strategic sales, new business development, and relationship management, Jonine Baker and her team have consistently boosted her clients’ revenues with her remarkable expertise.

She is notably successful in exceeding sales targets, and is an expert in business liaison, database management, lead rejuvenation, inactive database restoration and market research. Further to this, Jonine is relentless in her pursuits to develop techniques which maximise customers’ and clientele communication pathways.

Her dedication to value creation has driven Jonine to set a track-record of entrepreneurial success and award-winning innovative ambition. Furthermore, she has maintained top sales across a range of industries while continually identifying unrecognised opportunities.

In addition, she possesses refined knowledge of database management technologies such as Goldmine, Summit, Siebel, Access and Sales Force, and has received some of the finest sales and communications training in the industry.


We encourage all our clients to take up our phone skills training program. This will ensure all team members represent your brand consistently, applying a constant flow of fresh energy using the right level of acumen to ensure potential sales events.

What We Build & Repair

During training, we work on the following areas to reduce the risk of the cold lead dismissing your communications:

  • Overcoming the fear of cold calling
  • Developing your phone persona
  • Listening Skills
  • The mistaken objective

  • Enthusiasm Good or Bad
  • Tonality and pace of words
  • The power of language use
  • Assisting the client to feel safe in sharing their information

Representing your Brand

Teaching your staff techniques and skills on how to follow through with referrals after hand over ensuring they keep the client engaged and receptive to an open supportive view of your brand.

Rapport Building

Becoming more aware of the soft skills required to interpret the GO Signals from the client for when it is ok to sell your service or call to action AND NOT BEFORE.

Selling the Sizzle

With no visual props to support rapport building discussions the sizzle is critical. Further, the timing and delivery of your sizzle is also of the utmost importance.

Emotional Accupuncture

Subtle structuring of the conversation to achieve the desired outcome.

Evaluating Call Outcomes

Live call demonstrations and critiquing.

Executive Management

Assisting management to evidence the ongoing outcomes impacted by successful client phone communications.


At Lead Farmers we offer a range of services, including lead generation and data cleansing, re-engaging with cold clients and nurturing new client relationships. Tasks we undertake for clients are insurance and finance reviews, market research and customer surveys.

Lead Farmers works across a variety of industries predominantly professional services such as property and finance. Our services and methodologies are favored by brand aware organisations and are suitable for enterprises who are sensitive to sharing their confidential information and do not wish to have their customers exposed to main stream telemarketers.

The main focus of our business is to pre-position our client’s data base listings. As a result, we are able to provide our business partners with pre-qualified customers keen to discuss their buying needs further.

Our team is an established and highly trained group of professional phone operators, predominantly from property, insurance and finance backgrounds, equipped to engage and nurture discussions with a wide variety of customers in a professional and business-like manner.


Lead Farmers revives inactive customers and restores them to your business as enthusiastic potential buyers. Our focus is about producing outstanding results that will strengthen and build your business through personalised framework and specialised training suited to your business’s requirements.


Our mission is to have every person we engage with experience a consistent, professional and refined level of customer care. Meeting your needs plus nurturing and engaging with your customer-base are equally important to us: the two go hand in hand.


Database Development

Market Research

Insurance Reviews

Solution Selling

New Business Development

Finance Reviews

Communicating New Products

Appointment Setting

Lead Generation

Customer Relations

Data Cleansing

Customer Surveys


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